14 thoughts on 30-days postpartum!

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So my baby just recently reached 30 days old. Yipppppppie!!!!
Below are some things I found interesting and some strange, from delivery till date!

1. This just has to be TOPs!
The cervix dilation check is actually physical. I came across the word “dilation” on several webpages and forums during pregnancy, heard people use the word also, but for the life of me, it NEVER occurred to me that the check is physical! Dunno! Maybe I just imagined there’d be some tech and more comfortable way of checking!

Real life, the medical practitioner actually pokes your “inside“! Ah! The first check for me was like a horror movie reality! Gosh! I was in pain and shock at the same time. Maybe the first check wasn’t done so nicely or my body adjusted to it thereafter, but subsequent checks felt just a tinnie bit better. Though, I eagerly “begged” and wanted “checking” as labor progressed (LOL!). Generally, they just didn’t feel good/right!

2. Family and friends support!

I still can’t imagine how I’d have survived these past few days without being surrounded by wonderful people. I got cooked for, baby was being bathed by wonderful mom and new mom (mom-in-law). I was pampered! I didn’t have to worry about anything, other than breastfeeding baby as at when due! I had good and wonderful care and love showers. I usually like “my space” but this motherhood thing is huge (makes me appreciate my mom and all worthy moms out there much more); and having such great help, makes my healing and my transition into this phase a whole lot easier!

3. Breastfeeding

Watching a mom breastfeed, to an observer, it looks pretty automatic, right?! Like the mom just whips out the breast, and the baby finds the breast and starts to suck, viola! Nah, not exactly! There’s actually a technique! Proper latching is key! Sitting in the right posture is also key! Being relaxed is important! I was so eager to breastfeed and found it easy to position on one breast, struggled with positioning using my other side. I also had issues with poor latching and tried again and again. I can say I have made some great improvements! 🙂 I was lucky to have a community nurse invited by my new mom (mother-in-law), come over to the house to speak to me, encouraged me to relax, and keep at it, corrected my positioning, and was able to shut my moms up through her lectures, as they were pestering me to feed baby formular, fearing that baby wasn’t getting enough breastmilk. (His weight check later confirmed he’s doing great! He has added good weight) Having them there while the nurse was around, helped take the pressure off and then they learnt to leave me with my decision to exclusively breastfeed. Not like I was moved to do otherwise anyways!

So for new moms and moms-to-be, read up, and if you can watch someone do it physically, and make your observations!
I had some nipple pains initially. The nursing pain gets better over time.

Let me also add that whatever your choices, you’d do just fine! To breastfeed or not to, is perfectly fine! Ultimately, do what’s best for you, and your baby! Your choices are yours, not anyone else’s to make!

4. Sleep while baby sleeps. With a question mark.

This good ole advise! Well I try to nap during the day when he does, works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m beginning to find my rhythm now, and can stay awake during the day without feeling so sick. First few days were so hard, the struggle to wake during the night to feed baby was real mehn! I felt like a sleep-deprived zombie for the most part of the day!

5. Tummy actually gets flat even after delivery. No need for any magic!

I have always thought about wearing a girdle immediately after delivery, even before I knew I was pregnant. I’m not vain! I’m just big on getting my pre-pregnancy body back! I love the way I am! So, immediately after baby’s arrival I thought of calling the postpartum girdle sales-person, I still haven’t gotten the girdle for some reason, but my belly is almost back to the way it was before pregnancy. I’ve also lost all the weight.

Pre-pregnancy: 56kg, Last measurement before delivery: 70kg, 1 month after delivery: 58kg. Did nothing special, I eat normally.

Love your body and if you are still with plenty of extra weight even after delivery, you are beautiful, and your body just experienced a miracle, so be amazingly kind to it! Do some exercise, and eat healthy. I really wish you the very best. P.S: I may still get the girdle though, and I’d also like to start ab-firming exercises asap, for toned belly! *winks*

6. I still bask in the miracle of birthing life! God is awesome!

7. Appreciating my parents much more!!!!!

I know parenting is a big deal! But the extent of the “big deal” is just being real to me now!

8. Bathing a new born is so daunting.

Thankfully, I had MIL do this and she still does it now sometimes! I bet I’d get a hang of it soon. Watching and learning!

9. Getting sprayed in the face multiple times during diaper changes.

It appears baby boys like the feel of fresh air on the bum. I’ve learnt to always be quick and have it covered!

10. Don’t splurge too much on new born clothes. Especially if you know baby’s estimated weight before delivery.

Seriously they grow fast!

11. Rest!!!

Find the time to rest, you’ve been through a lot!

12. My appetite for food reduced and is still not back to normal. But I TRY to eat well!

13. Contraceptives/Family planning/Birth control

I have to read up on that too?!
I fully support family planning, been a fan since I was a kid, trust me! No time for unplanned kids or having too many kids and not taking good care of them! It just never crossed my mind before or during pregnancy to read up on my options and decide what’s best for us as a family concerning contraceptives. So now I have to read that up asap within these next few days, speak to senior moms about their choices, and the docs also, to finally settle on one!

14. The love for baby!!!!! Full stop!

So there you have it…. Some of the things from the top of my head! And this is for me, may be totally different for you!

Comments? Different experience – Tough ones, fun ones, weird ones? Pls do share. Kisses!


Pregnancy 301! Third trimester post for Primigravida!

coming soon
Photo credit: pregnancymagazine.com

Just amazing what pregnancy can do to a primigravida! Lol! One of the words!

Getting pregnant and watching the pregnancy progress is amazing and you know how you study so hard in school if you were an efiko like some of us (our efiko no pass 1st wey we carry constant for primary school though), so basically, in pregnancy, you read!!! Standard pregnant women can browse for Africa. You discover new words, new websites. You just simply dig and mine information!

There’s just so much that never for a second crossed my mind as an adult, that I’ve had to digest these past months to beef up my knowledge base in pregnancy. It’s pretty amazing the level of info that you just ignore because basically before now, it’s been none of your business, really.
Any of y’all in similar boat right now or been there can relate with the following words (you hear them at your obgyn visit, or at the sonographers or see them online somewhere):
Trimester, symptoms, breastfeeding, locha, pelvic, perineum, EDD, colostrum, preeclampsia, postpartum, pumping, amnoitic fluid, perineum, induction, cervix dilation, episiotomy, epidural, doula etcetera

All these words become so familiar! And these are just a few of them!

There’s a whole lot going through your mind at this period, especially if you are a rookie like me! Is the baby forming well, am I eating right, what will the baby look like at birth? OMG! the delivery!, what will my body look like postpartum, am I really ready to be a parent? So this it?!

Well, I’d tell you what, even if you crack your head from now till expected delivery date, there’s just this much within your control, so do your part – eat right, read up and “filter” for relevant information (every tom, dick and harry has a word of wisdom for a pregnant lady… Some out of goodwill and some out of sheer nosiness). Pray if you are a believer, rest well and exercise; and for the part you can’t control, don’t stress it!

Through the good days and the not-feeling-myself days, try to enjoy the journey really!
Enjoy your bump days as much as you can! Enjoy the glow if you are glowing! I don’t believe in eating for 2, so I won’t tell you to do that. Use your pregnant belly to get past queues, enjoy the seemingly little privileges along the way. By all means ask for help if you need it – don’t let anyone treat you like an handicapped though, because some folks just “pity” pregnant women and act like it’s a “condition”.
Let your partner help around the house and don’t feel guilty putting up your legs and just chilling! From what I hear, it’s so much easier to have them inside than the first few months when they are out – the sleep deprivation and new welcome change of the coming days is realll!!!
So enjoy carrying your bump, it won’t be for too long!

I truly believe that pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and childbirth in general should not be an experience to fear! Many of us go into this having heard horrible stories and frankly, some people have really difficult pregnant days and for some, it lasts all through the pregnancy. But above all, I am of the opinion that BIRTHING LIFE, (because that’s what it is) is just amazing and every moment of this journey should be cherished!!!

All the very best of your bump days! And I pray perfect health for you and your sweet baby!


My answers to the No. 1 most annoying question in town!

If you don’t already know the question, just by seeing this post title, let me welcome you to my side of the world!

This question is so annoying….so so annoying! Annoying to the extent that it cuts through all class of people o! E no get limit!

The educated and not-so-educated alike, all ask this question!

Photo credit: blog.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com
Photo credit: blog.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com

If you don’t know the question by now,

then I dash you a *JJC badge!!! And I can solidly bet that you are one of those who ask this dumb question::

How was your night?

Every time someone asks me this question, in my head, I go like – Seriously?! You really wanna know?!

So here goes:

To y’all slapping me in the face, at work, on the streets, in church, at all the places I go, with this super-duper annoying question,

Multiple choice answers below. Choose your suitable option!

  • I was asleep. How am I supposed to know what was happening (nicest answer)
  • I was doing stuff. You still interested in knowing the stuff?! (LOL… so you can consider joining tonight, abi?!)
  • My night…oh…. I slept naked and snored, it felt so good and relaxing! (The truth, many times, except for the snore part. But again, how am I supposed to know, except a recorder is placed in my room during these sessions)
  • I stayed awake all night, coming up with ideas to change our fast-disintegrating world (I try, I try! World-changer like me!)
  • Fine! Thank you! (Most polite and default answer. Choosin’ the lame lane!)

Dear Reader, your turn! How d’yu answer this question? Feel free to share your honest answers!

And if you are one of those who ask strangers this question, (everyone is a stranger when it comes to this question, seriously, except it’s your spouse, or very closeeeee family, not all family members even qualify), PLS STOP!!!

We all know we don’t really care how each other’s nights went, even though I care for you! So next time, just smile politely, say “Good Morning” or whatever good it is or just say hi. Replace the “how was your night” with “How are you?” if you feeling generous J

Forget this my night biko!

*JJC – Johnny Just Come.  A Nigerian Slang for newbies, naïve newcomers

Associations, Clique, Friends –> Thoughts, Words, Actions, Life!

photo courtesy: mentornetwork.ca
photo courtesy: mentornetwork.ca

The influence of your associations cannot be underestimated!

The above statement is no joke! Seriously!

Watch your company!

There are some heartaches you would never partake of, except for the associations you get involved with! Same goes for the positives.

You may never get to enjoy some privileges or attain some height or even if you do, it may take some long hard years to get them, except for your companions, or some links to your own companions. Basically, your network!

Extremely important!

Don’t walk with a fool! Leave his presence, because there are no words of knowledge there. That’s Proverbs fourteen verse seven, paraphrased.

Same goes for the places you go!

I’d give you an illustration. You see, except you find yourself in some places, some things would never ever cross your mind. Not a chance, for you to see or hear some certain things!

You know how you go to somewhere nice, and there’s a song playing and you in turn carry that song in your mind, and replay over and over.

Or you to church, and the pastor says some certain things, or the choir sings a really nice special “number”, and you carry it around in your head for some minutes, or days!! It could last that long! Some of those things even influence your mood, and how you act!

Imagine someone says something really nasty to you, and you are offended; be careful how you act to the next person who may be unlucky to be in your line of fire! Ouch!!! They get shot, and the vicious circle goes on!

Some things just kick into action when certain things are spoken into the air! Same goes for how things go viral! That’s how your mind is!

Words paint pictures. Pictures don’t go away overnight! Your mind is like a stamp!

Horror movies, you watch them? It keeps playing in your mind!!! Imagine feeding your mind with negatives! It just goes on to mess up the source!

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the issues of life! Proverbs four verse twenty-three

Look for those positives, keep them on replay! Let them influence you for good, and produce a positive life!

If you don’t go where you should not go, you would not see what you should not see or hear what you should not hear!

Let me close this post with this on-point saying from a wise man –

“Make up your mind to mind your mind!”

So tell me, any troubles or great luck as a result of your past or present associations?

P.S:: Title of this post, pretty long, ehn!

Wallet essentials: What’s in your wallet?

photo courtesy: aliexpress.com
photo courtesy: aliexpress.com

I decided to do this post on wallet essentials, because my wallet and its contents are super important to my every day!

Leaving some things out of my wallet or forgetting the entire wallet somewhere could leave me in a state, not a pleasant one! Depending on what I forget, it may be discomforting to get by.

So here goes my Wallet essentials:

Source of Cash and Some Cash:

This is basic! Like way basic. From getting some food, to paying for transportation, cash is king! For me, it’s jus a very small amount of cash to last for the week that I carry along. For other transactions like shopping online, stopping by a store to get stuff, I’d rather pay with my debit card.

How many debit cards do I have in my wallet? Hmnn… 3 useful ones. I have learnt not to rely entirely on just one bank card, from painful experiences.

Next up is…

Identification Cards:

My major work ID stays in my handbag most times, because of its case which makes my wallet bulky. Driver’s license stays in my wallet. I no fit shout. Not like I drive a lot but this could also be useful to get past some transactions. You never know with all these “impromptu” things.


Yeah, safety pins, hair pins… They have a place in there. There’s this small space in my wallet that they fit perfectly. Anything can happen… from too much space between shirt buttons to hair that need to be tucked in.

Paper scraps:

**Don’t judge me just yet** You may be wondering “huh, what kind of paper scraps? Wouldn’t that be untidy?” Nope. I keep them tidy. Then again, that’s just me. I have a way of holding on to some scribbled stuff on paper till I’m done with them. Then, I freely trash them.

Yeah yeah, tell me about post-its and sticky notes on my laptop, I use those too!

Passport photos:

Ahhh! This one is especially interesting to me! A culture I started over 10years ago, way back in the University. I av a small pack for my own passports and a similar pack for my collection of friends and families’ passport photos! I jus’ love having ‘em so close by. Sounds strange, right? Well… I love it and I def believe I’m not the only one who indulges in this. A close friend once over-thought this (yea…  that’s what I thought, he was over-thinking it) and was like what if my wallet gets hijacked, what then happens to the passports (his inclusive). Well, I said, that is not happening! For now, my wallet stays the way I like it!

Other stuffs like -> pens, my smartphone (definitely too big for my wallet), lipgloss, all that stays in my handbag!

So what have I missed that you love having in your wallets? Business cards, maybe? I don’t use those for now, and I try to keep other people’s business cards out of my wallet. I think it takes too much space. I just copy out the mobile numbers and emails to my phone. Whenever the need to have the physical card arises (which hasn’t happened in ages, in this tech age) I can go dip it up from wherever.

Any usual or strange items in your wallets? What am I missing?

Change, change, change!


“an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement”

Model today would not be model tomorrow!

A common saying goes this way – Change is constant. Ironical, right?

One Monday morning, I was passing by a major expressway, and I noticed a building “Beginning and End Evangelical Model Parish”

It got me thinking… 10 years ago, this parish must have really been model. Unfortunately, what I saw that day was nothing close to model. Huge building, fantastic design. But the paintings, all washed out. The design, outdated! Time and nature had taken its toll on the elements of the building. Architectural innovation and technology had left it far behind.

Our world is ever changing!

This is to tell you, friends, about the constant change status of our world!

The techniques that worked for you in previous years are now outdated.

Don’t get me wrong. Some things never change, from centuries to centuries; they remain standards and are always applicable. Mainly, values of hardwork, persistence, strength of character, these things pay off.

In addition to those, we need to always find better approach of doing things.

The technique that worked for you in previous years are now outdated.

You need to constantly evaluate yourself or you’d lose relevance.

You cannot afford to stay where you are!

Move, improve, evolve!

If you think back, some 7 years ago, Trium, Nokia 3310 to mention a few, were the “in” phones.

….And to think they were just sufficient for what we needed to do, at that point in time. Phone calls, text messaging, simple!

Now, we have various chat platforms, video calls, email, diverse functions that those phones cannot support.

You see, your needs don’t remain the same, and what it takes to meet those needs cannot stay the same, certainly.

How on earth do you think you can stay the same!

If someone were to give you a nicely wrapped package containing a brand new Trium, you would think he/she has gone completely insane even if it costs him 95% of his/her savings. It’s just useless!

Today, make conscious efforts of improving yourself by taking notes of the changes around you, how these changes affect you, and steps you can take.

Don’t just stop there, BE the change!